Best Tactical Gloves: Essential Survival Gloves for Combat and Shooting

tactical gloves

When you’re cutting, digging, or doing any kind of work around the property, you need the best protective gear. Purchasing tons of gear for each job can get expensive and cumbersome to carry around. Using the best tactical gloves allows you to have the best gloves for a variety of situations. You can use them for working outside, firing a gun, fighting, and more. 

When you’re in a survival situation, you will need to operate a wide range of gear to keep the wheels rolling. It will be impossible to do that without using the right level of protection for your hands. 

And the best way to do that is by using the right pair of tactical gloves. Frankly, they are one of the must-have protective pieces of equipment that you need while preparing an inch bag.

If you’re the type of survivalist who takes protective gear seriously, you’ll go for the best quality without any compromises.

To make your task easier, we have shortlisted the best tactical gloves on the market along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

So let’s begin.

The 12 Best Tactical Gloves for Multi-Purpose Uses



These gloves by TAC9ER stand out from the rest of the competition with their performance and durability.

What makes them special?

The gloves come with a heavy-duty Kevlar 29 lining. This not only protects your hands from extreme temperatures but also makes the gloves cut-resistant.

Note, the synthetic fibers of the Kevlar material possess high tensile strength but are extremely lightweight. It’s also resistant to chemical attacks and not affected by moisture.

That makes these gloves great for activities like cutting, operating heavy machinery, woodworking, and also for working with hot objects.

The best part is, the gloves don’t compromise comfort or functionality in any way. The palm area is reinforced to offer a better grip and more durability. Also, the thumb, as well as the index and middle fingers, are touch screen sensitive.

Admittedly, the durability is top-notch. The knuckle guard adds to the overall protection levels.

Most users loved the comfort that the gloves offered. Other than that, the neoprene wristband offers good breathability. There’s a hook and loop closure for a customized fit.

Reviewers also used these gloves in outdoor conditions. They offered excellent protection while scrambling through rocky surfaces and thorny bushes.

Lastly, TAC9ER offers excellent customer service along with a 5-year warranty. That adds to the overall dependability of the product.

There were some issues with the fit. Some users mentioned that the gloves run slightly small. If you have large hands, it’s best to choose a larger size. A few users found the fingers to be too long.

Beyond that, the Kevlar lining keeps your hand warm but isn’t the best choice for freezing temperatures.

These are a solid pair of tactical gloves that offers the right level of hand protection in a wide range of outdoor scenarios. We had no second thoughts about marking it as the best choice in this category.



The unique aspect of these gloves from Mechanix Wear is the camouflage pattern that effectively allows the users to blend in with the environment.

Moreover, the gloves are loaded with features that deliver a superb user experience.

To start with, there’s a knuckle and finger guard with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) that offers EN 13594 rated impact protection. In addition, the main fabric is a special TrekDry material that offers excellent breathability.

But that’s not all…

There’s a dual-layer of internal fingertip reinforcement and a special D3O palm padding for absorbing impacts. The brand also claims that the padding reduces hand fatigue during activity.

Users mentioned these gloves are highly durable and last for years without any damage. The stitching survives rough use like a champ.

The material also offers excellent protection against fire, abrasions, and sharp objects.

Next, the 0.8mm synthetic leather material is flexible and feels super comfortable.  At 4.8 ounces they are also very lightweight.

The gloves also offer a secure fit and the velcro strap allows for a customized fit in all conditions.

Admittedly, these are also one of the best-looking gloves in this category. They come in four other color options other than the camouflage design.

Oddly enough, Mechanix doesn’t offer a warranty with these gloves. We don’t doubt their durability, but a warranty would have added more value.

Some users also mentioned a chemical smell from the gloves.

Other users found it difficult to pick the right fit from the five size options available. Beyond that, female users complained that the design isn’t women-friendly.

At this price point, these heavy-duty gloves offer solid value. It’s one of the best options from the current market that offers excellent protection and comfort during covert missions.

Best Combat Gloves



If you’re looking for combat gloves that are best suited for straight-shooting professionals, this one deserves a closer look.

At a first glance, the gloves look impressive. Put them on and you will love the comfort levels and perfectly positioned TPR knuckle guards. The materials are durable enough to offer protection from the harshest conditions.

The good news is, the goatskin palm is sensitive to touchscreens. In addition, there’s a sweat wipe panel on the thumb. We always welcome such practical features.

Note, the top material is breathable and stretchable. So you get excellent finger dexterity. 

Thanks to the perfect padding thickness the tactile response is top-notch. Users mentioned that the gloves offer an outstanding trigger feel.

Other users were equally impressed with the shooting accuracy levels and the ease of drawing the weapon from the holster while using the gloves.

To top it off, the backside is guarded by kevlar panels that offer protection from sharp edges. The finger joints are also reinforced for additional durability.

These features make the gloves equally effective for rough outdoor use.

You also get hook and loop wrist closure with neoprene to ensure a comfortable fit. Most users liked the overall fit of the gloves.

Firstly, these gloves are priced high. If you’re on a budget, you need to look elsewhere.

Next, the outer fabric wears out with use. Some users mentioned the leather developing cracks after prolonged use.

While they come at a high price point, these combat or assault gloves from Hard Times are a great choice for tactical missions. Go for them if you want shooting gloves that can operate in harsh environments.



Get this: these gloves have been used by US Special Operations soldiers for shooting in tactical conditions.

First off, these gloves come with a single layer of leather on the palm and fingers. To top it off, the trigger finger is made from the thinnest possible material. This ensures flexibility and better trigger sensitivity.

What about protection?

There’s some knuckle padding for protection, but it’s not intrusive in any way. The material used is 1000D Ballistic Nylon.

The edge padding is isolated to prevent any compromise with the shooting grip. The overall range of the padding is sufficient for protection against scrapes and cuts.

Besides, the material is carbon-impregnated for additional durability and is also touch screen compatible. The joints are designed to enhance flexibility and allow unrestricted movement. At the same time, they are sufficiently durable.

Furthermore, there are small holes in the palms and fingers to ensure ventilation. That makes the gloves great for use in hot and humid conditions.

PIG has also paid the right attention to the details. For example, the wrist pulls are made from Milspec paracord. An additional micro suede nose wipe protects against cold weather drips.

In reality, this is a niche product that balances protection with an excellent tactile feel

The downside to the snug fit and thin protective layer is the gloves aren’t very durable. Actually, they are designed to be used and worn out.

The protection against extreme temperatures is also minimum. If you need temperature protection, look elsewhere.

Anyone looking for a full range of motion while wearing protective gloves will find these military tactical gloves a superb choice. If you aren’t a fan of thick gloves that feel uncomfortable, these are a great option.

Best Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves



To start with, these gloves are designed to offer complete protection during any challenging physical activity.

The robust design ensures all-round protection for your hands. A durable TPR guard protects the knuckles whereas the fingers are protected by a 3mm thick EVA accordion padding.

Moreover, the knuckle guard meets the EN 13594 impact standards.

The knuckle guard can absorb impacts effectively and the synthetic leather in the palm area ensures comfort and dexterity. In addition, the fingertips are internally reinforced to provide abrasion resistance.

With the embossed patterns in the palm area, you get a solid grip. The high-wear areas are reinforced to enhance durability.

Not to forget, the material also has touchscreen capabilities.

Users mentioned that the comfort levels are good while handling knives or shovels. The fit is great and the size chart is spot on.

While the material isn’t super thick, it provides enough warmth and wind protection. 

Even though these gloves are priced slightly higher, we feel that they are a good option for users looking for comfort and versatility.

While the material provides warmth, it isn’t adequate for sub-zero temperatures.

Some users felt that the thick rubber padding on the knuckle is oversized. Also, it can dig into the fingers at times.

Beyond that, the durability is good but not great. Some users mentioned loose threads around the joints after a few months of use.

Overall, the gloves are great for reducing the impact on your hands during regular outdoor activities. Besides, they are versatile enough for tactical use too.

Best Tactical Winter Gloves



Looking for the best protection for your hands from the winter chill? The OZERO winter gloves are a great choice at an affordable price.

What makes them so special?

Firstly, they are made from multiple layers. There’s a thickened velvet layer and a non-woven cotton layer for low-temperature protection. On top of that, you get separate waterproof and windproof membranes.

We love the fact that these gloves are waterproof. A great advantage when you need to work with icy cold water on a winter morning.

Note, the waterproof membrane is breathable too. So there’s no chance of moisture trapping inside the gloves.

And the best part is, even with the thick layers, the dexterity of the gloves is good. Ozero hasn’t compromised the overall comfort levels either.

Beyond that, Ozero has also added an anti-skid silica gel layer to the palm area of the gloves. Users noted that this improves the grip a lot.

Want to operate your smartphone without freezing your fingers?

The goatskin fingertips are designed for touchscreen sensitivity. That makes handling smartphones super simple.

Considering the affordable price, we feel that these gloves offer excellent value for money.

Most importantly, while the gloves are rated for -30 °F, users found they are good enough for temperatures around -15 °F. Beyond that, they will allow the cold to slip in.

Admittedly, these gloves aren’t the best in terms of impact and cut protection. We wouldn’t recommend them for handling heavy machinery.

Also, with the additional thickness, overall dexterity isn’t the best. Some users also noted the touchscreen compatibility wears off with use.

Without a doubt, these gloves offer a fantastic dollar value to the budget buyer. However, they have some limitations as budget gloves. But for a few hours of outdoor work in cold conditions, they are a great choice.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves



These tactical gloves from Kemimoto are great for a wide range of outdoor activities and perfect for buyers on a budget.

Firstly they have specially reinforced knuckles and a padded back that protects your hands from scratches and abrasions. The seams are double-stitched to ensure durability during rough use.

Made from reinforced double-layer synthetic leather, the palm padding is durable and comfortable. It’s also covered by an anti-slip mesh that provides a good grip.

The material also offers excellent durability. It’s also tough enough to protect your hands from sharp objects. 

To permit air flow, the gloves have four ventilation holes at the finger joints. It doesn’t allow a lot of air, but just enough to prevent the formation of sweat pockets. The outer mesh is also breathable.

On the whole, the gloves will allow easy dissipation of heat. In addition, they will also prevent rainwater from getting inside.

It gets even better…

Three of the fingertips come with a screen-touchable design. So using touchscreen devices with the gloves on isn’t an issue.

However, some users mentioned that the touchscreen feature stopped working after a few months.

The overall fit is snug. A velcro wrist strap adds to the comfort level and provides extra support to the wrists.

An additional feature is a nylon web loop for hanging them up. We appreciate the attention to detail.

One thing is, they run a bit small. So you might need to order a larger size.

Suffice to say, these gloves offer a solid bang for your buck. Unless you’re heading for extreme cold conditions, these are one of the best tactical gloves for shooting or hunting.

Best Tactical Gloves for Airsoft



Freetoo has designed these outdoor gloves for tactical as well as outdoor use. It has added a range of practical features to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and burns.

The palm is made from durable microfiber leather and the knuckles are PVC padded for enhanced protection. Not to forget, the leather provides an anti-slip grip.

Besides, there are thermal plastic rubber finger panels and a high elastic mesh fabric that adapts to the shape of your hands. While the material is tough, it also has a soft feel.

No wonder most users loved the fit of these gloves. What’s more, you get a full range of motion for the fingers without any stiffness.

One of the best features of these gloves is their excellent durability. Since the seams are double stitched, they don’t break apart during rough use. Users have used them for years without the material giving out.

To keep the fingers sweat-free, there are multiple holes that offer ventilation. The mesh weave of the outer fabric also permits airflow.

However, the ventilation is limited and isn’t adequate if the conditions are extremely hot and humid. Likewise, they aren’t the best for cold conditions.

Keep in mind that these gloves aren’t water resistant. So don’t wear them in wet conditions.

Additionally, the wrist strap comes with a flexible velcro. But then the quality of the velcro isn’t the best.

In addition, the gloves come with a 180-day refund warranty. Many of the users also appreciated the responsive customer service.

At this price point, these well-designed tactical gloves offer solid durability. We surely recommend them as versatile tactical gloves.



Fingerless gloves provide the added advantage of the precise handling of small items and smart screen devices. However, the design doesn’t offer the best levels of protection in most cases.

If you want to minimize the loss of protection due to the fingerless design, check out these tactical gloves from Seibertron.

The reason is, these gloves are fingerless only on the thumb, index, and middle finger. So, your hands get optimum protection while you get full dexterity of your fingers for using a wide range of devices.

And the overall quality of materials used is top-notch.

The gloves come with a patented layer of S-Flexible rubber on the back of the hand. The rubber absorbs impact energy and also prevents abrasion injuries.

A similar layer of durable rubber has been added to the knuckles to provide protection. The rubber layer also extends over the fingers for added protection.

What about the additional weight due to the rubber?

Even with all that extra rubber, these gloves aren’t heavy. They are also super comfortable and perfect for long hours of wearing.

Move over to the palm area and you’ll find an abrasion-resistant layer along with anti-vibration padding. This provides an added layer of safety during high-risk activities.

As if that’s enough, the palm area also has a silicone print that enhances the gripping ability. Even on wet surfaces, the gloves provide an impressive grip.

On the whole, the gloves are well made and offer a rugged feel. Even with rough use, the outer material and the seams hold up well.

Note, the rubber might feel a bit stiff at first. As you break it down with use, the fit will get more comfortable.

Considering the quality and the affordable price tag, it’s hard not to recommend these gloves for those who prefer the fingerless design. They are stylish, loaded with great features, and offer good durability.

3 More of The Best Tactical Gloves

Carhartt WB Men’s Insulated Gloves

Carhartt manufactures a wide range of gloves for outdoor use. This pair of gloves come with a polyester and leather combo that’s great for working in snow and slush.

The outer layer is made from a polytex shell for adding warmth. In addition, there are inserts of premium-grade synthetic leather. The palms have been reinforced with PU material to offer better protection.

Plus, Carhartt has also added a waterproof layer to keep your hands dry. Another feature is the Fastdry technology that wicks away sweat from the skin.

The waterproof layer makes them great for activities like ice fishing, skiing, or snow blowing or shoveling. Users have mentioned that these are windproof too.

Now Carhartt doesn’t mention a temperature limit for the gloves. We think they are best used between 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

In most winter gloves the thickness of the materials limits the dexterity. Carhartt does a good job in this aspect by offering a great combination of grip and dexterity.

Also, Carhartt uses the Nitrile Grip technology. This provided a better grip on wet and oily surfaces. However, even with a goatskin patch on the fingers, the tactile feel is limited.

In case you’re wondering about durability, these gloves last really long. Users have used them regularly through the winter months for years without any signs of damage.

The cuff has a gauntlet that comes with a pull cord. But some users with large hands mentioned that the wrist area is too tight. It’s best that you go for a larger size while picking.

Note, these gloves aren’t reinforced for providing extra protection needed for serious tactical activities. 

Even so, they are the best tactical gloves for cold weather activities outside and they come at an affordable price.

WTACTFUL Tactical Gloves

If you want the top tactical gear glove that’s best for operating smartphones or other touchscreen devices, this product from Wtactful is worth a closer look.

To start with, these gloves look great and they come in three pleasing colors. The overall quality is nothing short of first-rate.

The gloves don’t skimp on hand protection either. They have molded plates to guard the knuckles and the palms are reinforced to protect from scratches and abrasion.

Most portions of these gloves are made from durable, tear-resistant microfiber. Besides, all the seams are double stitched. So they will hold up to rough outdoor use.

As a matter of fact, plenty of users have used them for years without any sign of failure. And the high comfort factor adds to the overall experience.

One shortcoming is, the outer material is only water resistant. So don’t expect these gloves to keep your hands dry if you immerse them in water.

Other than that, the fit is snug and comfortable and the microfiber offers great grip on most surfaces.

Admittedly, these gloves are also great for handling tactical gear. The joints are made from flexible neoprene material which allows complete freedom of motion.

We wouldn’t mark them the best option in extremely hot and humid conditions though. There are no ventilation holes and the breathability of the padding material is mediocre at best.

Even so, these gloves are highly versatile. They are great for a wide range of adventure activities, motocross, and even for automotive technicians.

Beyond that, they come with an affordable price tag. That means, even if you have a low budget, you don’t need to settle for less.

5.11 High Abrasion Tac Glove

With the mention of the term “high abrasion” in the description, 5.11 indicates that it means business. In reality, even with a few limitations, it’s one of the top tactical gear gloves on the market.

Why so?

Firstly, it uses a special 10W synthetic suede material in the palm area of the gloves. This material is ASTM D3884 certified, which is the standard benchmark for measuring the abrasion resistance of textile fabrics.

To provide extra protection, the knuckles are padded. 5.11 mentions that the gloves are designed to tackle full combat scenarios or formidable tasks in a construction zone.

For sufficient grip, the key fingers have microfiber strips on them. To provide more flexibility, they have notched index and thumb gussets.

Moreover, these gloves are lightweight too. The overall dexterity you get is good enough to handle all types of tactical gear.

The fit is great and the overall comfort level while using the gloves is excellent. With a hook and loop wrist closure, the fit on the wrist area is good too.

They also have a pull tab that makes it easy to pull them on. A practical feature that we miss in many tactical gloves.

Even so, they come with a few downsides.

Keep in mind, these gloves aren’t designed for extreme temperatures. Nor are they waterproof. That limits the overall functionality to some extent.

We wish the fingers were designed for touchscreen sensitivity. You wouldn’t get much functionality while using smart devices.

To sum up, these gloves are a bit pricey. But they are well made and will protect your hands in a combat situation or during a wide range of outdoor activities.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Gloves

Like most tactical gear, tactical gloves were originally designed for special operations and law enforcement units for combat and patrol duty. But today they are popular among airsoft and paintball players, motorcycle riders, hunters, and survivalists as a handy piece of protective gear.

Before you start shopping for tactical gloves, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind.

Material and Durability

Tactical gloves are made from a wide variety of materials. The amount of protection it offers and its durability will depend on the materials, design, and also on the type of activity for which they are used.

Most manufacturers use a combination of materials to make these gloves. These include synthetic leather, kevlar, neoprene, nylon, rubber, and spandex. 

While some of these offer good resistance to punctures, others protect your hands from impact. The trick is to find the right balance between dexterity and protection. In case you want the best protection, look for thick padding around the palms, fingers, and knuckles.

The materials and the design of the gloves go a long way in determining the dexterity of the gloves. When you have to make split-second decisions for survival, the agility of your fingers matters.

Remember, not all tactical gloves are built to be long-lasting. In general, tactical gloves can last between three months to a year. But that depends on the frequency and nature of use.


No matter the material, the design of the gloves should offer the right level of comfort and protection. If you’re planning to use them during winters, check the insulation levels. Choosing a material that’s touchscreen compatible is also an important factor.

It’s best to choose a material that offers breathability to prevent your fingers from getting hot and sweaty. Keep in mind, thicker materials can offer better protection, but they reduce the dexterity of the gloves. With thinner gloves, you get better flexibility.

This of course applies for all survival clothing like vests and tactical watches as well. 

Make sure to check the inner lining of the gloves. Since you will be wearing them for long hours the material should feel comfortable with no stiff edges.

Obviously, comfort is closely related to the fit of the gloves. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the fit of the gloves.


A glove that offers poor grip will restrict your actions and can also be a safety risk. The grip is also an important factor while handling firearms.

Many users prefer fingerless gloves that offer better movement and grip. But half-finger gloves offer less protection to your fingers.

Most tactical gloves use a special layer of material on the palms and fingertips to improve the grip. These are a better choice when it comes to handling a wide variety of tools.


The fit of the gloves will determine the comfort levels, as well as the mobility of your fingers. The truth is without the right fit, the gloves will not offer the right level of functionality.

The best fit is the one that doesn’t restrict the natural movement of your fingers. In general, choosing a tight fit is better than wearing loose gloves. However, it shouldn’t be too tight to make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t forget: most tactical gloves will stretch out with constant use. If your gloves already have some extra length, this will further reduce their functionality. So it’s best to choose a pair that offers a better fit with the finger design.

The best option is to follow the manufacturer’s size guide. Even so, try your gloves out after buying by handling some gear to ensure that you have got the right fit.

A tight fit can also have an adverse effect on the tendons and the muscles of the hand. While leather gloves offer great durability, it isn’t stretchable. Materials like Spandex or Nomex are great options for getting an adjustable fit.

In addition to that, pick gloves that come with adjustable wrists. These allow you to customize the fit and ensure better comfort levels.

Final Thoughts

No matter the type of outdoor environment you are tackling, you need to use your hands. So protecting them with the right set of tactical gloves is extremely important.

We have shared all the details about buying tactical gloves in this article. The TAC9ER Kevlar-lined tactical gloves emerged as the top choice due to their excellent durability and high comfort levels.

Even if you have chosen the best survival clothing, make sure you have included the best tactical gloves in your inch bag.

Can you really afford not to?