Best Bushcraft Pants: Top Choices Reviewed and Compared

best bushcraft pants

You never know where you’ll end up and being prepared is the key to survival. Having the best bushcraft pants can help keep the weeds and bugs off you as you make your way through heavy brush. 

Whether you’re prepping for a disaster or trying to find the right pants for your next adventure, choosing the right survival pants will keep your legs safe from anything that might crawl up on you. 

Honestly, picking out pants that will survive the hardships of outdoor life isn’t easy. To help you out, we will also share a buyer’s guide for picking the best survival pants.

Best Bushcraft Pants: Our Top Picks

Overall Score 90%
Quality 90%
Features 90%
Reputation 90%



What We Like

The Helikon-Tex pants are great for marching through tough terrains. When it comes to versatility and performance, this one is a great pick.

The first thing that impressed us is the DuraCanvas fabric used in this pant. It’s comfy and lightweight but is highly durable. There are reinforced seams and added protection in the knee and seat area.

Note, the material is also resistant to scratches and punctures. So you can walk through the brush without the fabric tearing.

The breathable fabric and mesh pockets make this a great choice to use in hot and dry weather.

Most users loved the multiple pockets that add to the versatility. The hip pockets have reinforced edges to prevent damage from knife clips, The thigh pockets come with zippers. In addition, there are extra buttoned pockets for carrying tools.

In addition to that, these pants come in a wide array of length and waist options. Great for those with shorter legs.

Now, if you’re on a budget, these aren’t the cheapest options. But in terms of overall quality, they offer solid value.

What Needs Improvement 

One thing is, the backside of the pants is raised to offer better cold protection. Some users found that to be uncomfortable.

They aren’t much water repellent either. However, they are ready for wax-waterproofing. But that will affect the overall breathability.

Bottom Line 

On the whole, this is a solid option for outdoor adventurers. We had no second thoughts about marking it as our best overall choice.

Overall Score 90%
Quality 80%
Features 90%
Reputation 100%



What We Like

If you’re looking for a near-perfect pair of survival pants, the Timberline pant is worth a closer look. No wonder it’s a favorite of alpine adventurers.

The material used is 4-way stretch polyester that’s marked as “ultra durable”. The seat and the knees are made from ripstop nylon that’s waterproof yet breathable. In addition, they have a water-repellent finish.

All these features make these pants highly versatile in a wide range of temperatures. They will keep you comfortable in warm and wet climates as well as cold and windy weather.

But that’s not all…

There are removable knee pads for additional protection. Scrambling over rocky terrain is no longer an issue. Also, they offer the right level of flex for climbing activities.

Note, these pants are also extremely quiet. Perfect for hunters.

We also liked the attention paid to the small details. They have removable suspenders and easy-to-use zippers. There’s tons of storage space in the pockets which are ergonomically designed.

Overall, these wilderness pants excel in terms of performance and durability. If you’re looking for premium-grade survival pants, they are a no-brainer.

What Needs Improvement 

Make no mistake about it. These pants are expensive. So budget buyers need to look at the other options.

Also, they won’t keep you warm in freezing temperatures. If you’re sitting out for your hunt for long hours, you need to use insulation along with these pants.

Bottom Line 

When you are risking your life in the wild, the Sitka Gear Timberline pants are the perfect partners you can pick. With them, you can forget about ruining the pants in the field.

Overall Score 85%
Quality 90%
Features 80%
Reputation 80%



What We Like

These straight pants from Fjallraven may look casual, but they have some awesome features to tackle the wilderness.

To start with, there’s the G-1000 fabric that’s wind and water-resistant. The mixture of 65% polyester and 35% cotton gives them a thick texture that’s great for tackling a variety of activities in the wilderness.

Honestly, when it comes to tackling rough terrain these pants perform like a champ.

They come with a baggy fit that’s good for stretching your legs. For extra protection, the knees and the rear come with dual layers. The fabric is also wind and water-resistant. Users found them extremely comfortable on cold and windy days.

Note, these pants are compatible with Greenland wax. You can apply a few coats to improve the overall waterproofing.

Beyond that, there are plenty of features. There are multiple pockets including two deep ones in the front. The right side has a cargo pocket with a mesh divider. A narrow pocket on the left is designed for knives or hatchets.

In addition, there are press button tighteners at the lower leg cuffs to close them around the boot. You can also add knee pads around the reinforced knee area.

What makes these Fjallraven men’s pants special is the superb durability of the fabric. At this price point, we feel that they offer the right value.

What Needs Improvement 

While the fabric is thick and durable, it lacks the soft and stretchy feel that some other products in this category offer. So overall comfort levels aren’t the best.
Also, breathability isn’t the strong point here. We wouldn’t recommend them in hot and humid weather.

Bottom Line 

Honestly, these pants can be overkill for casual hikers. But with solid durability and tons of storage options, they are perfect for bushcraft.

Overall Score 80%
Quality 80%
Features 80%
Reputation 80%



What We Like

The Alpine Roads pants from Royal Robbins look like contemporary work pants but are perfect for tough multi-day trips in the wilderness.

Why do I say this?

Firstly, they are made from a high-quality Quick Dry fabric that’s 4-way stretchable. It’s also quick drying and wrinkle resistant. The best part is, the fabric is robust without being heavy. 

The waterproofing is also good. The fabric can handle light to medium rain without any issues.

Moreover, the fabric is UPF 50+ rated for those hot, sunny days. The pants also have a gusseted crotch and articulated knees for more flexibility of movement.

Apart from that, the users mentioned the pants retain their shape even after months of heavy use.

When it comes to style, these pants really shine. As town-to-trail pants, they check all the right boxes. Interestingly, the extra stitching around the knees and the pockets have been kept subtle to make it look more work-friendly.

For storage, there are four pockets in the front and rear. Additional features include a zippered pocket and cords at the ankles for tackling dirt and mud.

Lastly, there’s the affordable price tag. Considering the top-notch weather resistance and the versatile design we feel the Alpine Road pant offers excellent this category.

What Needs Improvement 

Some users mentioned that the fabric lacks the flexibility needed for activities like climbing rocks and boulders. So if you’re looking for the best agility, there are better options.

Next, the breathability isn’t the best either. So we wouldn’t recommend them for very hot weather.

Bottom Line 

Quite simply, the exceptional versatility makes these outdoor adventure pants a worthy addition to any wardrobe. The affordable price tag makes the deal even sweeter for preppers on a tight budget.

Overall Score 80%
Quality 80%
Features 70%
Reputation 85%



What We Like

When it comes to performance and features, these pants from Eddie Bauer are one of the toppers.

The combination of nylon and spandex makes them comfortable and great ability to repel moisture. Thanks to a special DWR coating on the fabric.

Users also loved the lightweight material and the fact that they pack down to a very small size. That’s a huge plus for ultralight survivalists.

On top of that, they come with Flexion Stretch Woven Technology. That means they can stretch in two different directions to offer better mobility. The fabric also offers UPF 50+ sun protection and the waistband area is designed to control odor.

What about breathability?

Actually, it’s quite good. Users reported wearing these pants in the heat of summer without any discomfort.

Also, in terms of production methods, the fabric is certified for safety and sustainability.

The durability is top-notch. Users have found it to retain shape and texture even after rough use and repeated washes.

There are deep pockets on the front and rear along with a zipped pocket on the thigh.

The best part is, a casual glance would never reveal that these pants are hardy enough for bouldering or sliding across scree slopes. While they look stylish, the streamlined fit adds to the comfort factor.

Most of all, the affordable price tag is another plus that makes this pant a great deal for buyers on a budget.

What Needs Improvement 

First off, the pants come without any reinforcements. on the knees and the rear part. Also, some users mentioned the fabric stitching is coming loose after prolonged use. So the overall long term durability can be an issue

While the thin material is great for summer, it isn’t the right choice for cold climates. If you’re looking for 4-season pants, this isn’t the best choice.

Bottom Line 

The Guide Pro Pants are an affordable and comfortable choice for a wide range of activities. The overall price to performance ratio is one of the best in this category.

Overall Score 75%
Quality 80%
Features 80%
Reputation 70%



What We Like

To begin with, this is a pant that’s designed for wilderness lovers. If you want the perfect balance of comfort and mobility in bushcraft pants, look no further.

Quite simply, the Gamma LT has some excellent features that combine together to make it more than the sum of its parts.

Coming to the material, it’s a form of elastane that offers excellent comfort and abrasion resistance. The material is also stretchable- a great plus in technical terrains. The softshell fabric is also lightweight, which makes it super easy to carry in your survival bag.

The fabric is tightly woven which makes it windproof and water-resistant. A DWR coating keeps the skin dry even if you have to move across the terrain on a rainy day. Not to forget, the fabric dries fast.

The pants come with deep handwarmer front pockets and a thigh pocket with zippers. There’s an integrated belt that ensures a custom fit with the adjustable waist. We feel this is more comfortable than elastic waistbands.

We also loved the minimalist design that looks good. All in all, they are an easy choice for general travel or for tackling a survival situation.

What Needs Improvement 

The Arc’teryx Gamma LT is pricey. So if you aren’t looking for top-notch weather protection, you can check the other affordable options. 

That said, we wouldn’t mark them as the best choice for hot weather. Admittedly, the overall breathability is good, but not the best in this category.

Also, there are no back pockets. That isn’t a deal-breaker for us, but some users missed it.

Bottom Line 

The Gamma LT offers excellent weather protection and superb comfort. If you don’t mind the high price tag, these pants are a great choice in all forms of technical terrain.

How to Choose the Best Bushcraft Pants

So we have listed the best options for you. But with so many options out there, balancing the various factors isn’t easy.

The truth is, choosing a piece of survival clothing is different from choosing other technical gear like a survival watch. In any case, once you know what to look for, picking the right one isn’t difficult

Frankly, the features you choose will depend on the type of terrain and the weather. Still, there are a few aspects that you must keep in mind while picking bushcraft pants.

The Fabric Quality

Without a doubt, the material is the most important consideration while buying bushcraft pants. The type of fabric used will decide the durability, comfort levels, and weather protection that the pants offer.

Most of the top brands use a high-quality blend of polyester and cotton. This mixture offers good comfort and solid wear resistance. Some brands use variants of elastane or spandex for making the material light and more weather resistant.

In some other pants, ripstop material is used that offers better resistance to tearing and ripping. For handling rough terrains, this is a great option. Also, they offer better protection if you’re carrying survival gears like knives in your pockets.


Quite simply, tactical pants for bushcrafting should be able to protect you from the elements as well as insects. So many brands coat their products with special materials like Teflon for better waterproofing.

Look out for materials that come with special moisture-wicking properties. These are very effective in keeping you dry and warm. Picking a wind-resistant fabric is also important. That will reduce the effects of wind chill and protect you from hypothermia.

Since you might be moving from dry to wet terrain frequently choose a fabric that dries quickly. Staying wet for long hours is not only uncomfortable but will also drain your body heat. Polyester and nylon fabrics are the best options for this.


Even when you are fighting it out with the elements, there’s no reason for a bushcrafter to forego the comfort factor. Most importantly, get the fit right. Since most pants come in a variety of sizes, make sure you pick the right one.

When you consider an outdoor activity like shoveling,  it can put extra strain on the fabric through a continuous and repetitive range of motions. So the fabric needs to be durable but not rough against the skin. Also, picking pants that match your body shape to offer the best mobility is important.

While weather-resistant fabric is important, make sure that the material is marked as breathable. That way it won’t trap sweat on hot and sunny days. Many pants come with ventilation features for better airflow.

The fact is, bushcraft is hard work. So, features like a comfortable lining in the waist area are an added bonus.

Keep in mind, you will be bending down or kneeling frequently. So pants with reinforced knees and rear area are a practical option.

One more thing…

When you are out there in the wild, your survival can depend on your agility. So choosing a fabric that’s lightweight and flexible is always the best option.

Storage Options

When you’re out in the field, you’ll need to carry a lot of other gear apart from your phone and wallet. Get this: you may not have the time to reach inside your backpack for a tool in case of an emergency.

So picking bushcraft pants with the right number of pockets is the best choice. If there are additional gear loops along with the belt loops for tools, even better.

Make sure that the pockets are spacious and ergonomically designed. In the case of zippers, YKK or Riri are some of the best brands to choose from.

Survival Pants FAQs

What materials should survival pants be made of?

The type of materials depends on the brand. A mixture of polyester and cotton is a common choice.

What are good survival pants?

The best survival pants are the ones that offer the right level of comfort and all-around protection when you’re fighting for your life.

Can I use one survival pant for all seasons?

Not really. Since each fabric has its own specialty, not every survival pant is good for 4 season use. For example, most survival pants are not designed for freezing cold weather conditions.

Can survival pants be used for travel?

In some cases, that might be overkill. However, some pants like the Royal Robbins Alpine Road have a design that’s great for a wide range of uses.

Which is the best survival pant?

Actually, that depends on your requirements and budget. We have marked the Helikon-Tex Men Pants Pilgrim Style as our top pick in this review.

Final Thoughts

By now you’ll have realized that picking the right pair of bushcraft trousers is quite different from picking casual backpacking or outdoor pants.

We spend hours researching the topic and comparing technical data to find out the best options for you.

In the end, if you’re looking for the right balance of performance and quality, the Helikon-Tex Men Pants Pilgrim Style pants are the top pick. For budget buyers, the Royal Robbins Men’s Alpine Road pants are a solid choice.

Be it bushcrafting or a life or death scenario, each item you choose for use can have a serious impact on your performance in the wild. So we suggest that you don’t compromise on the quality of the bushcraft pants that you choose.

Good luck and be safe out there!