Best Self Defense Umbrella: Is this actually a survival tool?

best self defense umbrella

Self-defense is one of the most vital aspects of survival. Unfortunately, many of you won’t realize it until you’re in a life or death self-defense scenario. 

In this article, we are going to talk about choosing the right tactical umbrella for defending yourself. We will review the top eight self-defense umbrellas to help you make the best choice.

Does the idea sound silly?

It’s not.

Let me guess. The only place where you have seen an umbrella being used for self-defense is in the movies. But the truth is, there are many places where you aren’t allowed to carry a weapon. But the umbrella is a perfectly legal way to ensure your personal safety in such spots.

What’s more, your attackers will never guess a simple umbrella can transform itself into a weapon. That’s why so many self-defense experts prefer using it instead of other tools.

Our Choices for the Best Self-Defense Umbrellas

Overall Score 95%
Features 90%
Durability 95%
Material 85%
Weight 90%



What We Like

In terms of strength and durability, the Unbreakable umbrella ticks all the right boxes. With fiberglass ribs and a heavy-duty stainless steel tip, it gives you the right level of confidence in any tricky situation.

It has an unassuming style- great for regular use as well as for self-defense.

The anti-UV fabric in the U-115 makes it a perfect cover against sun and rain. Users have also used it in windy conditions without facing any issues. With a weight of just under two pounds, it’s not too heavy either.

But that doesn’t prevent it from being an excellent defensive tool.

The main rod is made from a composite material that can support up to 310 lbs of weight. In other words, it can easily bear the weight of a person. 

The crook handle is very comfortable to hold and equally good for striking a blow. 

The stainless steel tip makes this bad boy even more effective as a weapon. When tested against hard surfaces, the tip remained free from any damage whatsoever. 

The overall durability is perfect for striking a blow or for blocking one. 

Plus, Unbreakable also offers a 5-year warranty on this product. So you can expect years of service from it.

What Needs Improvement

When it comes to the downsides, the first thing is about the dimension. With a length of 37.75 inches, the umbrella is great for taller people. But shorter individuals found it too long, especially while walking.

Keep in mind the fabric isn’t heavy-duty and is not resistant to cuts or slashes. Sadly, damage to the fabric isn’t covered by the warranty.

Lastly, this isn’t a tactical umbrella with an affordable price tag.

Bottom Line

If you want an umbrella to beat up thugs, this tough as a steel pipe umbrella is sure to do the job. Considering the top-notch quality, we had no doubts about marking it as the best tactical umbrella for self-defense.

Overall Score 95%
Features 90%
Durability 85%
Material 95%
Weight 90%



What We Like

If you want to protect yourself from the bad guys as well as bad weather, this product from Security Umbrella is a great pick.

We loved the overall material quality. It comes with a carbon rod and a rounded beechwood handle. The ribs are made from fiberglass. The beechwood handle is wear-resistant and doesn’t get sticky in high temperatures.

The tip is made from stainless steel and is very effective for striking a blow. Moreover, the water-repellent nylon is also tear-resistant.

The sturdy design makes this a solid tactile tool for defending against blows or from animal attacks. It can resist strong winds as well.

At 1.3 pounds, it’s also one of the lightest products in this category. Carrying it around for long periods isn’t an issue at all.

Not to forget, it also comes with a lifetime warranty on the umbrella stick and the handle.

What Needs Improvement

Firstly, some users found the metal tip breaking off after some months of use. The durability of the carrying handle isn’t the best either.

Next, the length of the umbrella is 31 inches. Users above 6 feet found the length a bit too short for walking comfortably. That also reduces your reach during self-defense moves.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great tool for everyday carry and also for self-defense. As a bonus, you also get a free tutorial with it.

Overall Score 90%
Features 80%
Durability 85%
Material 90%
Weight 90%



What We Like

This product from Security comes with a traditional look of a regular umbrella. But its core is solidly built to ward off all forms of attacks.

The inner core is made from carbon fiber and the ribs are fiberglass. The fiberglass has enough elasticity to resist strong winds and sharp blows. In fact, Security mentions this umbrella as “unbreakable”.

The water-repellent nylon cover offers good protection and also dries quickly. Besides, the material is tear-resistant too.

Most users found the stability of the umbrella in windy conditions to be excellent.

An additional feature is an elegant chestnut wood handle that makes it easy to carry the product for long periods. It also weighs less than 2 pounds.

Not to forget, you get a stainless steel tip that helps to keep your attacker at bay.

One more thing…

If you lose your umbrella, no need to worry. The brand will replace it at 50% of the original price.

What Needs Improvement

If you’re above 6 feet, this isn’t the best option for you. At 31 inches, you will find it on the shorter side.

Next, some users preferred a straight handle over a curved handle for defensive moves

Beyond that, it isn’t the most affordable option for budget buyers.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best options when it comes to shorter self-defense umbrellas. The low-key design makes it perfect for self-defense.

Overall Score 90%
Features 95%
Durability 85%
Material 90%
Weight 80%



What We Like

This is another product from Security Umbrella that comes with the top-grade durability we expect from the brand.

But that’s not all…

What makes this umbrella stand out is the special length of 40 inches. That gives you the extra reach to stop an assailant before he can get close. In addition, you get a larger striking radius.

Taller people will also like the extra length while walking.

Fiberglass construction and the sturdy central rod make this a great tool for blocking as well as striking. The stainless steel tip will add an extra edge to your strikes.

The design is simple and gives no hint of its potential as a weapon. The hardwood handle feels solid and adds an elegant touch. It’s also more resistant to heat, unlike some composite or polyamide handles.

Its diameter is 51 inches. So you get sufficient protection from the rain. The water-repellent nylon fabric is durable enough to withstand rough use.

Then again you can easily use this as a walking stick.  It comes with rubber cups that can be fitted to the tip.

What Needs Improvement

The long length doesn’t make it the best option for shorter individuals. They might find it difficult for everyday use.

While we appreciate the overall quality, this is still a pricey option. Those on a budget need to look elsewhere.

Lastly, the extra length adds to the overall weight of the product. At just under 2 pounds, it’s not the lightest option in this category.

Bottom Line

All in all, a perfect combat umbrella that will give you enough confidence to walk through shady neighborhoods. A great choice for regular use and occasional handling of rough elements.

Two Additional Self-Defense Umbrellas

What We Like

If you aren’t confident about your moves with a fighting umbrella, this is an option you can surely check out.

The Stunbrella contains a disguised 10-inch stun gun that delivers a powerful charge on any attacker. All you need to do is squeeze the button.


And your attacker is down.

Also, the range of the gun is long enough to hit your attacker from a safe distance. To prevent any accidental discharge of the gun, there’s also a thumb-operated safety switch.

Note, the device looks like a regular umbrella and is wrapped with a protective sleeve. But the stun gun can operate from within it.

What’s more, it comes with a compact foldable design that allows you to carry it inside a bag or in a survival vest. The weight is on the lighter side too.

Another additional feature is a LED flashlight built into the tip. A practical feature when you need some extra light to move through the darkness.

The device comes with a rechargeable battery. It has a charging cable that can be connected to any standard outlet.

Most of all, it’s affordably priced. We feel it offers solid value as a self-defense tool.

What Needs Improvement

Admittedly, this isn’t a tactical umbrella per se. So if you’re looking for that, this isn’t your tool.

Also, it comes without a metal or rubber tip. You can’t use this umbrella as a walking stick. Beyond that, the build quality isn’t as rugged as the other self-defense umbrellas.

Bottom Line

If you love the idea of a spy-tastic stealth weapon that’s easy to use, this is a great option. The affordable price makes the deal even sweeter.

What We Like

This is another product from The Indestructible Umbrella that comes with a sporty look. The combination of navy blue and white makes it an eye-catcher in any environment.

That said, it doesn’t give itself away as a weapon.

The shaft is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a sturdy feel. So it can withstand strikes or blows without failing.

Moreover, the umbrella has also been wind tunnel tested. That ensures stability against inversion in rough weather.

The collapsible design is only 18 inches long when closed. That makes it great for users not comfortable with a full-length umbrella.  It also has an automatic opening and closing mechanism. 

To top it off, it carries a limited five-year warranty.

For what it’s worth, this version of the indestructible umbrella is a good choice for budget buyers.

What Needs Improvement

Strictly speaking, this isn’t the best self-defense umbrella you can pick. It lacks a stainless steel tip and the material quality is good but not great. 

The folded design doesn’t make it the best option for walking either.

Bottom Line

Considering the pocket-friendly price, you won’t go wrong picking this one. But if you want top-notch durability, there are better options.

How to Choose the Best First Aid Kit for Survival

Now that you’ve seen the top picks, choosing one might be a bit more difficult. Keep in mind that you only want what you need because preparedness is important but you need to keep it within reason. You don’t need anything extra or unnecessary to carry. Here are some of the factors we considered when choosing these as our top picks.

Intended Use

The most important thing to understand is that everything requires a scenario. There is no “one-size-fits-all” option. You won’t find a survival kit on the market that gives you everything you need so you need to know which ones will take care of you in each situation.

For example, you’ll want to have a first aid kit that contains a lot of bandages, gauze, and first aid supplies for when a family member falls down an embankment and requires emergency care.

A shelter, water, and food rations will not help you in that situation. That’s why you need to have both kits.

What we recommend doing is playing out every possible scenario based on how you’re prepping and what you’re planning for. Then, purchase the kits that make the most sense based on how you’re preparing to tackle it.

Current Supply

Your current supply is also a factor. Perhaps you already have a large number of first aid supplies but you simply need a way to move it in a portable and easy fashion. If that’s the case, you’ll want to go with a small portable pack because you’re not as worried about the number of supplies inside the pack. You’re more concerned about having a vessel to transport it all.

That said, on the other side of the spectrum. If you have absolutely nothing and you’re starting from scratch, you might be more concerned about stockpiling as many supplies as you can and worrying about portability later when you get closer to the imposed bug-out date.

Quantity of Components

As for the kit itself, we pay a lot of attention to how many of each thing you get. For example, some kits only come with two butterfly bandages and that’s simply not enough. If you’re planning on relying entirely on the survival kit, you’ll need to complement it with another bag and that adds something else for your or someone else to carry.

The bottom line is you want to get the most bang for your buck and make sure you pay attention to just how many of each bandage, gauze, and cream you get.

Self-Defense Umbrella Buyer's Guide

defending yourself

In an SHTF scenario, you’ll be depending on a new umbrella to give you an edge against an attacker. No doubt you need to pick the best. 

Let’s take a look at some features that will help you to separate the top-grade products from the unreliable ones.

Build Quality

Without a doubt, this is the most important point to consider while picking a tactical umbrella. You don’t want the umbrella to fall apart while blocking an attack or making a strike. 

In reality, you never know how a physical encounter with an assailant may turn out. So you need a product that can keep on delivering blows unless a threat is neutralized. Most importantly, a robust material will also help you to strike better and inflict more damage.

The most important part of the umbrella is the center frame. Make sure it’s made from a high-quality material that can withstand strong forces. Top products come with a specified weight limit that can help you to make an informed decision.

The Overall Handling

The next thing is to look for the right weight and balance. If the umbrella is too heavy, making quick movements with it will be difficult. If it’s too light, your blows will not deliver the required impact.

In general. the sweet spot is around 1.5 pounds. Anything over 2 pounds will be too heavy for a comfortable carry.

For an umbrella weapon, the ergonomics of the handle is vital. It should be durable and allow you to control the weight of the umbrella in the best possible manner. That way, you will be able to deliver the perfect blow or defend yourself against one.

An umbrella that slips out of your hand in a self-defense situation is no good. So we prefer a handle that’s contoured to provide the right grip.

Handles come in curved or straight forms. As long as it delivers the right ergonomics and rugged feel, you can choose any style.

The Looks

Needless to say, a self-defense umbrella should not draw extra attention. It’s best to pick a regular model with the most ordinary looks. 

One important aspect of self-defense is the element of surprise. You don’t want to lose it by giving your attacker any hint of what you are carrying. That makes it more effective as a weapon than other survival tools.

Now, you might be tempted to buy a sword umbrella with a hidden blade or sword in it. But keep in mind, such devices are considered illegal in many places. Stick to standard designs that you can carry anywhere.

The Indestructible Umbrella vs Unbreakable Umbrella

While both the brands sound perfect as a self-defense umbrella, it’s not so in reality. In case you are confused between the two options, let’s clear it up.

The Unbreakable umbrella comes with a premium build quality that makes it perfect for self-defense. The top-grade materials lend it bulletproof durability that will last for years. While it comes with an unassuming look, it can be a formidable weapon against any assailant. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Unbreakable Umbrella comes with a high price tag.

So for buyers on a budget, the Indestructible Umbrella is a good choice. It doesn’t have an ultra-rugged design or top-grade materials like the Unbreakable umbrella. Still, it’s sturdy enough to fight off an attacker.

The simple truth is, it’s better to carry a less powerful weapon than no self-defense weapon at all.

Final Thoughts

We have marked the five best self-defense umbrellas for you. The Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella U-115 emerged as the top pick in this category. The Security Umbrella”City-Safe” is the next best choice.

Be safe, be smart, and don’t be obvious. This is where the best self-defense umbrellas come into play.