About Us

Who We Are 

Persurvive.com is a part of Persevive LLC (DBA Persurvive)

Hello, thanks so much for visiting our site and caring enough to see who is behind the curtain or in this case, the screen.

First and foremost, our founders are comprised of a team of humble, hard-working, and honest people. Good character and helping others is tantamount to who we are, who we choose to work with, and why we started this website for you.

Each of us has over twenty years of experience working in the information technology, cloud, and marketing and communications sectors.  We have built and advised businesses and government organizations on disaster recovery, security, and preparedness plans.

Our customers include athletes, current and former military personnel, as well as government officials. We have worked in the media industry creating content for news and non-fiction entertainment networks like National Geographic, Animal Planet, Science, and Discovery Channel.

Having a passion for the outdoors, survival, and emergency preparedness is what brought us together. Pooling all of our strengths and experience has enabled us to create a space where we can share, discuss, and inform people like you on the topics we care about most.

What We Are

We are a home base for everything you need to know about prepping. Our goal is to create a community that brings you relevant information to help you survive emergencies, experience the outdoors safely, and provide tips and reviews on the products you need to have in your arsenal.

Our business model participates in affiliate programs so that we can earn commissions to pay for researchers, writers, and experts. This allows you to get the content you need without being bombarded by ads. Our group does the work so all the information you need about this niche is at your fingertips. We believe in everything we put out there.  Any link that you click to purchase a product has no markup; it’s the same price from that vendor, just another avenue to find these items.  It’s kind of like one-stop shopping for you if you see a product that works for your needs. No need to Google one hundred of them and compare and contrast, our researchers and experts do all the work for you.


We are just like you. We are parents. We are neighbors. We are concerned citizens. We care deeply about each other and feel most are just not adequately prepared for disasters.

Whether it’s pandemics, natural disasters, or even the extreme TEOTWAWKI, most of our population doesn’t have the tools they need to combat emergency situations.

We are passionate about giving back and helping people in every aspect of our lives. Through our love of fishing, hunting, camping, gardening, and traveling we feel we can hopefully impart information that is helpful to you.

Our world is very chaotic right now. So much is spiraling regardless of your political or religious beliefs.  It’s a scary time for many but the best way we can deal with uncertainty is to educate ourselves and plan for any circumstance.

We hope this site can be a safe and informative destination for you and your family.

The Faces Behind Persurvive 

Wesley Littlefield – Contributing Writer

Wesley is a lifelong outdoorsman with a passion for hunting and fishing. His outdoor experience paired with his natural survival instinct is what led him to Persurvive.

Wesley is an accomplished writer and has his own YouTube channel where he helps others learn how to hunt, fish, and survive outdoors. 

Dr. Rich Murphy Ph.D – Contributing Writer

Rich has been a survivalist longer than some of us have been alive! Since the Cold War era, more than 45 years ago, he has excelled at making his own survival gear and learning everything there is to know about disaster preparedness. A consummate do-it-yourselfer, Rich feels we all should be ready for anything. Whether it’s a personal or natural disaster, his goal is all about educating people how to survive.

He is a former Army artillery officer who has a background in manufacturing and engineering. He also believes in giving back to the community and has done missionary work in Mexico. We wish there were more humans like Rich in this world.

In Rich’s spare time he has written 260 books to date, half of them on prepping and survival training. He holds an honorary doctorate and has experienced many disaster scenarios and didn’t just survive but thrive.

Coty Perry – Contributing Writer/Editor

Coty specializes in outdoor and wilderness survival. He believes when SHTF we’ll have to rely on our ability to forage, hunt, and trap to survive. With over two decades of survival experience in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, he brings a unique set of skills to the Persurvive team.

In addition to living it, he’s also dedicated the latter part of his life to writing informational guides and product reviews focusing on survivalism, fishing, hunting, homesteading, and off-grid living.

He has written for a vast assortment of outdoor-related publications, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Coty is a member of the Outdoor Writer Association of America and a wilderness survival educator.

Mission Statement

Persurvive is the home base for those who want to PERSEVERE and SURVIVE emergencies or experience the outdoors safely. This is a community that provides essential information through articles, reviews, blogs, and videos on what you need to know to prepare and protect your life or your family. Our goal is simple, to help you. Planning is everything.