Find Yourself in a Bad Neighborhood? Follow These 8 Tips

bad neighborhood

Living in a big city can be difficult as it is, but adding a bad neighborhood into the mix makes things worse. One of the worst feelings is to feel unsafe and not able to protect yourself during an emergency. By following these 8 tips for survival, walking through or living in a bad neighborhood will become easier. 

Bad Neighborhood Survival: 8 Tips 

When passing through a shady neighborhood, it is helpful to follow these 8 tips.

1. Keep Anything Valuable Out of Sight 

If you know you are going to be passing through a bad neighborhood, or even living in a bad neighborhood, it is important to keep anything valuable to you out of sight. 

This includes items such as your phone, expensive purses, expensive jewelry, or even something like name-brand sunglasses. Carrying expensive items on you will draw attention to yourself, which is something you will want to avoid in shady neighborhoods.

2. Keep Cash and Cards in Two Different Places 

You should keep your cash and credit or debit cards in two different places when walking through a neighborhood you don’t feel comfortable in. Doing this will help ensure you don’t lose everything if you are mugged. Keeping your cash or cards in multiple sections of your purse or bag will help if you are put in a situation where you are mugged. 

If the thief tells you to give them money, you can pull all the money out of a specific area of your bag and they might think that is all your money. If you keep cash and cards in your pockets, use multiple pockets instead of one. Doing these simple things can be helpful if you are in a difficult situation such as being mugged.

3. Always Wear Sneakers or Boots

One of the most important things to remember when learning how to survive in the ghetto is to always wear sneakers or boots. You will want to ditch the high heels or sandals in case you ever need to run away from somebody. Wearing sneakers or boots will allow you to safely be able to run, without the risk of falling or breaking an ankle. 

You can even wear a boot knife inside your boot as an extra source of protection. If you are being attacked, a steel-toed boot would be one of the best ways to fend off your attacker when you kick them in the groin. You can still wear heels, but not when you are walking. Bring them separately to change into when you arrive at your destination.

4. Practice Basic Self-Defense Skills 

Practicing basic self-defense skills is essential, especially when passing through a bad neighborhood at night. Know some basic skills like how to kick someone who is attacking you and basic hand striking. In addition, you should carry some discreet self-defense weapons with you at all times. 

Some discreet weapons include a self-defense umbrella, keys, a handful of coins to throw at an attacker, pepper spray, or even hairspray. All of these items will distract or potentially hurt your attacker and allow you some extra time to get away. Always be aware of your surroundings to help protect yourself in case something happens and look for the nearest place you can run to for help.

5. Try and Know Someone

Whether you live in a bad neighborhood or are just walking through one, you should know at least one person in the area. Knowing your neighbors is a great way to increase your security. 

If you don’t live there and just are walking through, consider trying to get to know someone who works in the local convenience store or someone who you regularly see outside their home. Knowing someone in the shady neighborhood can be a huge help if you have any issues. Exchange phone numbers in case you ever need to talk to them.

6. Blend In 

Another important thing for you to do when learning how to live in a dangerous neighborhood is to blend in with your surroundings. If you appear to look nervous or like you don’t belong, this will make you a target. Try to appear comfortable in your surroundings and do not show fear. 

If there is a shady person nearby, they might be more prone to target you if you seem scared or out of place. Always walk with your head up, keep the same walking pace, and do not keep looking over your shoulders. Don’t be obvious and avoid a shady person, just keep on walking. 

7. Don’t Stop at Street Corners

Stopping at street corners can be a huge issue when passing through a rough area. This can be overlooked when learning how to survive in the hood. If you are waiting for traffic signs and no cars are coming, do not follow the signs and just keep walking. 

If you are licensed to carry in your state, consider carrying a gun for self-defense purposes. Try to avoid using public transportation unless it is necessary so you can avoid spending any time on street corners waiting for a bus. 

8. Get Loud

If something does happen to go wrong, get loud! If you see someone approaching you who will rob or harm you, be very loud and draw attention to yourself. Act as crazy as you want because this will likely cause the person to move on to someone else. The person will probably get nervous if others look in your direction, so they will have no choice but to back off. 

5 Important Bad Neighborhood Survival Items 

Consider carrying at least one of these survival items with you when passing through a rough neighborhood.

1. SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray

This pepper gel spray is a great survival item to have on hand. It has a 12-foot range and is easily accessible because it discreetly fits in the palm of your hand. 

This product’s packaging includes links to access free training videos so you can be sure you know how to use this if necessary. It is 67 times hotter than hot sauce and 2 times hotter than other brands. This is perfect to use if you feel you are about to be attacked.

2. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops 7.1-in Folding Knife

This pocket knife with a serrated clip point blade is good to keep on you when traveling through a shady neighborhood. It is easy to carry and will not hurt you because the blade locks in place. You probably don’t want to use this unless you need to. Using this for self-defense if you are being attacked is wise so ensure you safely get to your destination.

3. VIPERTEK Billion Stun Gun

Using a stun gun, which is also a flashlight, is a great way to defend yourself from an attacker. You will wear a strap around your wrist that attaches to a disable pin on the bottom of the device. If the stun gun is taken from you, the pin will pull out and prevent it from working. 

Just using this device in the air could be enough to fend off your attacker, but using it on them will really pack a punch. It causes loss of balance, lack of muscle control, disorientation, and confusion.

4. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

This alarm will make a sound loud enough to draw attention in case of an emergency. The piercing alarm sound can last up to 50 minutes. These alarms come with LED lighting to help you see when walking at night. They are easy to use, and convenient for all ages to use in case there is an emergency. 

5. MTP-6 Tactical Pen

This tactical pen is great to use for self-defense. It works and looks just like a pen, but will help you be able to defend yourself if you find yourself in a bad situation. An online training link is provided in the packaging so you will correctly know how to use this item. By using this pen, there is no doubt you will be able to scare off an attacker in a matter of seconds.

Final Thoughts

Passing through a bad neighborhood is definitely not the best feeling. If you understand self- defense and how to carry yourself, passing through an unsafe area will become second nature.