Best Powdered Eggs for Long-Term Food Storage and Off-Grid Living

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As a homesteader off the grid, you know how important it is to have a stockpile of food stored for long-term use. Living sustainably requires you to change your lifestyle a bit, like using an off grid shower, using alternative forms of electricity, and dehydrating your foods.

While fresh eggs are a complex item to store for long-term use, powdered eggs are simple to store. Powdered eggs are great to have on hand to incorporate into either cooking or baking. 

If you have a flock of chickens, you can create a high-protein preserved food for your homestead. For example, if you live off grid in Tennessee, your chickens can be responsible for providing you with eggs. The only thing you need to do is dehydrate them for storage. You can also purchase powdered eggs that already have a long shelf life. 

In this guide, we break down powdered eggs, how to keep them, and how you can purchase some for emergencies.

What are Powdered Eggs? 

Powdered eggs are actual eggs that have all the moisture removed. You can remove the moisture by either spray-drying the eggs or freeze-drying them. The texture and consistency of the eggs are similar to powdered milk. 

You can purchase powdered eggs in either whole egg form, egg whites, or yolks. As a homesteader, you likely have experience with food preservation, which can help give you the skills to make powdered eggs yourself. 

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Types of Powdered Eggs

There are three different types of powdered eggs.

1. Powdered Whole Eggs

Powdered whole eggs contain the entire egg, including the yolk and whites, and are a great choice to incorporate into baking. You can add the dried egg powder when you bake on your survival tent stove, along with the other dry ingredients. The powdered eggs will take the place of the actual egg in the recipe. 

While it might seem strange to substitute real eggs with powdered eggs for baking, it works just as well. You can also use powdered whole eggs to make things such as mayonnaise, scrambled eggs, omelets, and eggnog. 

2. Powdered Egg Whites

Powdered egg whites use only the whites of an egg. You can use powdered egg whites in recipes that call for hand-separated egg whites, as they work just as well. 

One of the main advantages of egg white powder is that you do not need to separate the yolk from the whites yourself and don’t need to find an alternative use for the yolks like you would when separating the egg yourself. You can use powdered egg whites to texture baked goods and make meringues. 

3. Egg Yolk Powder

Egg powder is made of pasteurized eggs that have been spray-dried. It is a product similar to freshly whipped egg yolk and can substitute regular egg yolk in recipes. 

You can use egg yolk powder for baking, scrambled eggs, omelets, or as a protein supplement in shakes or smoothies. Egg yolk powder has a consistency similar to powdered milk and is rich in lecithin

How to Make Powdered Eggs Yourself

To make your own powdered eggs at home, you will need to either freeze-dry or spray-dry the eggs. 

Freeze Drying

You can use a freeze-drying machine or a different method to freeze dry eggs. Most people need freeze-drying devices on hand. To freeze dry eggs using a freeze-drying machine, you must first scramble the eggs. You could also boil the eggs. 

You must cool the eggs in water and remove the shell if you boil them. Then, pour them into your freeze-dryer trays. Place the trays into your freezer overnight. Once completely frozen, place them into the freeze dryer, add the insulating sleeve, close the door, and start the machine. It may take up to 24 hours before the eggs are fully freeze-dried.

To freeze dry your eggs without the machine, start by cracking them into freezer bags and placing them into a cooler with a ventilated lid. Stack dry ice in a 1:1 ratio on top of the freezer bags. Put the lid back on and let it sit for 24 hours. Once the dry ice has evaporated, remove the dehydrated eggs and place them into sealed containers to store.

Spray Drying

Spray drying is the process of turning liquids into dry powder. To spray dry eggs, they must be preheated and put into a spray drying chamber. The hot air, which reaches up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, passes through the chamber. 

The hot air causes the moisture to evaporate quickly, leaving behind a powder. The powder then separates from the air and is removed from the spray drying chamber. This is typically the method companies use to make their powdered eggs in bulk.

Powdered Eggs Shelf Life

All types of powdered eggs should be stored in a cool environment without oxygen. If stored correctly, powdered eggs can have a shelf life of between five and ten years. The shelf life of your powdered eggs can be extended by placing the eggs in air-tight containers that prevent oxygen from seeping in. 

How Long Do Powdered Eggs Last After Opening?

After opening a can of powdered eggs, the shelf life becomes much less. An opened container of powdered eggs may last between a few weeks and a month at most. To help keep your powdered eggs fresh after opening, you can refrigerate them. 

You can either refrigerate the entire container of the powdered eggs or take a portion out and repack them in a smaller can or container without oxygen.

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Powdered Eggs vs Regular Eggs

Powdered eggs are just as good as fresh eggs and can have more advantages. Powdered eggs contain all the nutritional benefits of a regular egg and stay fresh for a much longer amount of time. 

However, powdered eggs have fewer vitamins than fresh eggs because the nutrients break down during production and storage. Powdered eggs can be incorporated into any recipe like regular eggs would. 

They have the same taste, just a different consistency. Fresh eggs are typically cheaper than powdered eggs, but the powdered eggs can last much longer. While regular eggs might be slightly better in terms of nutrition and price, powdered eggs are better in terms of shelf life, and storage, and are less wasteful.

Best Powdered Eggs for Sustainable Living

These are our choices for the best powdered egg products.

Judee’s Whole Egg Powder

Judee’s whole egg powder is very affordable and might be one of the most inexpensive options you will find. You can purchase it in multiple sizes. 

It contains no additives, is gluten-free,  and is made purely using whole eggs. Since the shelf life is somewhat short, Judee’s whole egg powder is best used for everyday use instead of storing in bulk. 

Cracked Up Whole Egg Powder

Cracked Up whole egg powder is one of the most inexpensive bulk powdered eggs on Amazon. The shelf life of these powdered eggs will last between 18 and 36 months, which is relatively long. The packaging of the egg powder could be better, though.

After opening, it is best to use the egg powder as soon as possible to avoid it going bad. You can also refrigerate it to help keep it fresh for longer.

It’s Just Egg White Protein Powder

It’s Just Egg White Protein Powder is an affordable way to get your source of protein from egg whites. There are no additives, as egg whites are the only ingredient. 

You can use the egg white powder for almost anything, and it tastes just like egg whites. The shelf life is long, and it will last years if unopened. Once the packaging has been opened, the dried egg whites will not last longer than a few weeks and should be refrigerated. 

Eggylicious Egg Yolk Powder

Eggylicious egg yolk powder is a dried natural protein powder made from fresh eggs. The egg yolk powder is easy to store and does not require refrigeration. It tastes just like egg yolks but is easier to use and incorporate recipes. The Eggylicious egg yolk powder is high in protein and is simple to mix. 

Augason Farms Scrambled Egg Mix

The Augason Farms scrambled egg mix is 2lbs 4ox of bulk powdered eggs in a can. This is the perfect-sized can to use for off-grid living, emergencies, food storage, camping, backpacking, or for everyday use. Augason Farms scrambled egg mix has up to a ten-year shelf life, and the can contain recipes on the back. This is a great product for storing powdered eggs in bulk.

Final Thoughts

Freeze-dried powdered eggs are worth having on hand for everyday use and for long-term storage. While you only lose a slight amount of vitamins from using freeze-dried eggs compared to fresh eggs, they offer much of the same nutritional value and have a long shelf life.