6 Best Off Grid Shower Options to Stay Clean Anywhere

off grid shower

With multiple high-quality off grid shower solutions in the market, you don’t need to say goodbye to a comfortable warm shower on your next off grid journey. In fact, the idea of sacrificing hygiene makes many enthusiasts opt out of outdoor adventures.

But it need not be so.

Unless you are ready for the rigors of living without water, a shower is a necessity whether you’re heading for the freezing Alaskan campsites or the hot African sun.

We have compiled a list of the top showering options that will make your off grid life more comfortable. Take a look.

Best Options for Off Grid Showering

Here are some of our top options for showering off the grid whether you’re developing a homestead or simply traveling around with your pickup truck.

best off grid shower - summer shower

Best Off Grid Shower Overall 

The Summer Solar Shower


  • Heats up fast under intense sunlight
  • Easy-to-use fill valve
  • An integrated toiletry pouch
  • A travel-friendly design


  • The temperature gauge is hard to read under sunlight
  • Water pressure is on the lower side.

We love gravity-powered solar outdoor showers since they are super easy to use. However, most of the products fail to deliver consistent water pressure.

But not this 5.0 Gallon Summer Shower bag from The Advanced Elements. The design ensures that the pressure from the shower head remains constant even when the water is almost exhausted.

The bag has a 4-layer design, one of which is a solar panel that heats up the water by using solar power. Laying down the bag for 3 hours under direct sunlight can raise the water temperature to 110 degrees. The built-in thermometer is a convenient addition.

Note, you can’t use this bag for a shower in the early mornings. It’s best to let the bag heat up for some hours and then use it around mid-afternoon.

To prevent heat loss, there is an insulator and a reflector panel. Keep in mind, the heating time will depend on the solar intensity, wind speed, and other factors. 

The flow rate from the sprayer is good enough for a shower bag. You can also use the hose to regulate the flow rate. While it will not last for ages, the bag material of the bag is durable enough. It comes with a large handle for hanging.

Overall, this is a simple but effective shower at a reasonable price. With this in hand, you can say goodbye to those freezing bucket showers.

hike crew portable shower

Best Propane Camping Shower

Hike Crew Portable Propane Shower


  • Efficient heating with propane
  • AC/DC Adapter for versatility
  • Simple power and heat controls
  • Auto shut off for safety


  • It’s expensive
  • Limited portability

If you have a steady supply of propane, this all-in-one unit is a great off grid outdoor shower. Moreover, it’s also the perfect solution when there isn’t enough solar energy available.

To start with, the shower comes with a power adapter, gas regulator, and a built-in swinging faucet. There’s a digital control panel that allows you to start the pump and regulate the water temperature by controlling the size.

Filling up the unit is easy. Simply submerge the pump into the water source and switch it on. Once you attach the propane canister, you get a steady hot water output at a fast rate.

The showerhead attachment is well-designed with 3 flow patterns. An additional faucet attachment helps you to use the water for other purposes.

For safety, there’s a water flow sensor and fuse protection. The device automatically shuts down the burner when water reaches 125 degrees Fahrenheit. A tilt detection system ensures full safety during handling.

What we like is the fact that the device also runs on AC/DC or a 12V power adapter. So, you can plug it with a generator, or an RV outlet and enjoy a hot shower.

Obviously, this shower solution is best for off grid showering during car camping trips. It’s also great for off grid cabins and tiny houses. 

However, at 13.2lb, it’s pretty heavy. Thankfully it comes with a carry bag.

innhom portable shower

Best Electric Camping Shower

Innhome Portable Electric Shower


  • A portable shower for multiple uses
  • Long-life rechargeable battery with LED indicator
  • Safe for outdoor and indoor use
  • Suction cup and hook for hanging the shower head


  • The battery is not waterproof

Tired of tub baths and shower buckets? Then this portable electric shower is an excellent shower. 

The shower is powered by two detachable batteries that run the pump. You can recharge the battery from any USB connection or by using a 12-volt adapter. The flow rate of 0.9 gal/min isn’t the best, but the pressure is sufficient for providing a comfortable shower.

You can heat up the water in a wood stove and pour it into a 10-gallon bucket. We found the device super easy to put together. Simply immerse the pump in the water, connect the power cord to the battery, and your shower is ready. Just make sure to keep the battery dry.

The battery can run anywhere between 90-120 minutes. That makes it good enough for a 3 to 5-day trip on a single charge. Besides, the charging time is also on the lower side.

On top of that, the unit also has a filter system to keep the water clean. Also, it is ROHS certified to ensure safety. The lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for campers intending to pack light.

This might be a nitpick, but the power cord of this shower system is on the shorter side. That makes it difficult to keep the batteries dry while showering.

To sum up, this battery-powered portable outdoor shower offers excellent value to frequent campers and preppers.

simple shower

Most Simple

Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower


  • Easy to use and needs no assembly
  • Good water flow rate
  • Great for budget buyers
  • Super easy to carry around


  • Small water capacity
  • Best for quick rinses only

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple off grid shower then check out this option from Simple Shower.

The entire setup is incredibly simple. It comes with a shower head and a straw that can be connected to a one or two-liter bottle. You can fill the bottle and keep it under the sun to heat the water. After that connect the simple shower with it for water outflow.

Since the straw keeps the airflow directed inside the bottle to prevent vacuum formation. So, you don’t need to squeeze the bottle to maintain steady water pressure.

The best part is, it weighs less than an ounce. That makes it the perfect solution for an ultralight off grid journey. And since it’s not made of multiple parts, the risks of damaging it are minimum. 

One issue is finding the right bottle that works with it, especially if you aren’t a soda drinker. Other than that, we also wish the shower came with a closing mechanism to stop the water flow when needed.

To sum up, if you want a high-pressure system that’s good enough for shampooing hair, this shower isn’t powerful enough. But it’s a functional and inexpensive choice for a quick wash.

oyooqo portable camping shower

Car Charged Camping Shower

OYOOQO Camping Shower


  • A reliable shower with a high battery capacity
  • Sufficient water pressure for a shower
  • Good quality accessories
  • Can be used as an off-the-grid shower, rinse kit, or a garden irrigation tool


  • High price tag
  • The quality of the plastic tank isn’t the best

This is a versatile high-capacity shower system with a water pump that can be used for outdoor, home, as well as garden applications.

The shower comes with a built-in 12000MA lithium battery that can operate for around 40 minutes. You can also operate it by using a 12V car charger.

Usually, with multiple components, durability can be a concern. But OYO uses a high-quality pure copper brushless motor that’s waterproof. In addition, all the connectors are made from copper to last longer.

The flow rate of 1.58 gal/minute is on the higher side and sufficient for a thorough wash.  In terms of safety features, there is intelligent temperature control and automatic shutdown.

Honestly, not many showers come with as many accessories as this camping shower. Apart from a water pump and motor, you also get a water-conserving showerhead with a 13-foot hose.  

A high-pressure car wash gun and a garden sprinkler are also included. The tank holds 5 

gallons of water and has dry and wet separation. Keep in mind, it doesn’t heat water and the tank isn’t insulated either.

While the shower isn’t cheap, it offers great functionality. We wish that it came with a battery level indicator for more convenience.

gasland portable water heater

Best Water Heater

Gasland Propane Water Heater and Shower


  • A high-pressure shower with a fast heating rate
  • High heat output of 38,000 btu/hour
  • Can start-up with low water pressure
  • Comes with a gas regulator and shower head


  • High price tag
  • At 15.4lbs, it’s heavy

This is a tankless water heater that burns propane and is a great choice for off grid living in cold environments.

While the device runs on electricity, it can also be started by using 2 D cell batteries. Both the propane heater and the heat exchanger use advanced combustion technology to save up to 11.5% of energy. Even so, the heating rate is high and hot water flows out within a few seconds.

We were impressed by the wide range of safety features included. It comes with overheating protection, anti-freezing protection, and oxygen depletion safety shutoff. It is also guarded against low and high-water pressures.

Quite often, using a portable water heater in windy conditions can lead to unexpected flameouts. This device has flame failure protection to cut off the supply in such conditions.

Note, you need to make the necessary connections as per the provided instructions. It comes with all the accessories and instructions. In case of any confusion, you can also contact the responsive customer service.

We think the entire package exudes high quality and is a great hot water system for cold conditions.

gigatent pop up shower tent

Best Pop Up Shower Tent 

GigaTent Pop-Up Shower Tent


  • Pop-up design or instant installation
  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Guy lines to ensure stability


  • The material could have been thicker

Yes, you read that right. This is a shower tent and not a hot or cold water off grid shower system. But think about this for a moment…

If you want to make your camping experience as comfortable as possible, a shower tent is a great way to add to your off grid shower ideas. They offer you the necessary privacy and convenience to take a shower at any time of the day. This portable tent also allows you to change your clothes as needed.

This 6-foot tent from Gigatent comes with a pop-up design that makes it easy to set up. It’s made from a high-quality polyester taffeta with a waterproof coating and a durable steel frame. 

At 4.4 lbs, it’s lightweight and easy to carry with the provided carry bag. Besides, this versatile tent can be used as a temporary rain shelter or a camping toilet tent.

All in all, this is a good choice to add more convenience to your camping trips, or for visiting a remote lake outhouse or a beach house.

How to Choose the Best Off Grid Shower?

There are a few primary considerations before you pick an off grid shower. Firstly, consider the water capacity you need based on the number of people using the shower. 

Next, consider if you have a sufficient running water supply, water storage containers, and a reliable heat source. Quite often, finding a steady source of water and heat is difficult while living off grid

Depending on your requirements, you need to consider the portability of the shower unit too. When picking larger units, make sure they are easy to assemble and use.

Type of Showers

When it comes to off grid showers, the common choices are solar heaters and tankless hot water heaters. Solar shower bags are simple with a gravity-fed design. However, they offer a low outlet pressure. Propane or battery-based heaters with a pump are more efficient and heat up quickly.

We suggest you skip the cheap off grid shower ideas and pick a quality product that offers good quality. For tankless showers, you need an energy-efficient unit along with a good-quality water pump and shower head.

Another option is to pick a shower with an inbuilt heater and pump that ensures enough water pressure. While these systems are more expensive, they are a good choice when you have long-term plans for off grid living. They will also be effective for other tasks like off grid clothes washing.

Note, hardcore survivalists can use a long PVC garden hose for an off grid outdoor shower. But that doesn’t offer convenience; especially in freezing conditions. 

Another option is to design a DIY custom-built off grid shower system. You can use a simple structure with a small tank, a solar pump, and a shower hose or nozzle.

Final Thoughts 

That brings us to the end of the best off grid shower options. To ensure hygiene and stay clean while avoiding freezing cold showers, these off grid shower ideas are great options.

If you prefer a simple and affordable off grid showering solution, we suggest picking the solar power-based  Summer Solar Shower from Advanced elements. In case you can’t depend on the sun, the Gasland Propane Water Heater and Shower is a reliable choice with excellent features.

So go ahead and take your pick.