Off Grid Security Cameras: How to Secure and Protect Your Property

best off grid security camera

When living off grid, it is common to have a limited power supply. Many of those who live off grid choose this lifestyle because they want to live more sustainably and off the land. An off-grid security camera can help protect you and your property without needing much power. 

Your off grid security camera can be powered by solar panels or a battery, and they work just as well as a conventional security camera system. Whether you want to catch the animal that has been grazing on your vegetables or you want to scare trespassers away, having an off grid cellular security camera is an excellent choice for the off grid environment.

Benefits of Off Grid Security Cameras 

There are a few benefits of using off grid security cameras. While crime rates are not high in the wilderness as they can be in the city, using an off grid security camera is a great way to provide protection for yourself and your property. 

It is helpful to have that sense of security, even when you live off grid. These are some benefits of using an off grid security system.

Continuous Security on Your Property

An off grid security camera with no wifi will offer you continuous security on your property. Traditional security systems typically require electricity and will not work during power outages. 

Having an off grid security camera will ensure you have surveillance during power outages, as solar panels power many. 

Deter Robberies in Rural Areas

Robberies often occur in rural or remote areas because they are often easy to break into, and there are usually no police nearby. Using an off grid security camera is a great way to deter robberies. 

If a burglar sees a security camera, they are unlikely to attempt to break into your home and rob your property. A remote location security camera can greatly reduce the risk of a break in.

Keep Energy Costs Low

Installing security cameras for remote locations helps keep your energy costs low since you are not dependent on your local power grid. Many types of off gid security cameras can be powered through alternative energy sources. 

Like using an off grid shower or off grid refrigerator, using an energy-efficient security camera will help keep your costs low.

Best Off Grid Security Cameras

Here are our favorite choices for the best off grid security cameras to ensure you protect your property and your belongings. Whether you live on a homestead or you’re protecting your prep in the suburbs, these off grid cameras will help you.

best off grid security camera - reolink

Best Overall

Reolink 4G LTE Security Camera


  • Durable
  • Quality image
  • Large storage
  • Solar powered


  • Can be expensive

The Reolink 4G LTE Security Camera is the best overall off grid security camera. It is durable, as it can withstand rough weather conditions and water pressure. It has a quality image that is clear and crisp. 

The 1080p full HD camera quality and the night vision make the Reolink 4G LTE Security Camera stand out. There are multiple storage options, which include an optional micro SD card. The micro SD card can up to 64 GB of camera footage, so you won’t need to worry about how much space you have left on the camera for it to record.  

It requires a monthly data plan for 4G cell coverage and can work anywhere in the United States with 4G LTE coverage. This surveillance camera is solar powered, so it saves you money, saves energy, and is a good choice to better the environment. However, it can be expensive to purchase the Reolink 4G LTE camera, depending on your budget. 

best off grid security camera - soliom

Runner Up

S600 4G LTE Outdoor Solar Powered Camera


  • Spotlight is bright
  • Easy to set up
  • Local and cloud storage
  • Solar powered


  • Limit on supported networks

The S600 4G LTE Security Camera is runner up for a security camera for a remote location. There are many things about this security camera that are helpful, such as the bright spotlight, simple setup, and local and cloud storage. It is durable, has great build quality, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

It requires a monthly data plan for 4G cell coverage and can work anywhere in the United States with 4G LTE coverage. It can be used anywhere without power, such as in your backyard, camper, farmland, or cabin. The S600 4G LTE security camera will work at all times, even if there is no power, due to the solar panels. 

While it can be set up using a 4G LTE coverage cellular plan, only a few networks in the United States support this camera (AT&T and T-Mobile). Included with the camera is a SIM card with about 300 MB of data. trail camera - best off grid security camera

Best Trail Camera 4G LTE Camera


  • Excellent motion detection
  • Easy to install
  • Camouflage 
  • Takes only 30-60 seconds to send pictures to your phone


  • Limited to only two networks
  • Flash is invisible, so night pictures may not be as clear as a visible flash

The 4G LTE Camera is the best trail camera for living off grid. Disguised in camouflage, it captures everything on your property. It takes clear pictures and has excellent night vision.

However, since the flash is invisible, the pictures it captures at night may not be as clear as a camera with a visible flash. You can use either T-Mobile or AT&T as a network for this off grid camera, and it only takes between 30 and 60 seconds to send pictures to your phone. 

Some additional features that make this a great trail camera include 940mm no glow invisible night vision, GPS, excellent range of motion, and easy installation.

vosker v200 cellular security camera

Best for Weather Resistance

Vosker V200


  • Weather resistant and durable 
  • Simple set up
  • Built-in solar panel
  • Includes hybrid time-lapse movements


  • Can experience poor cell reception

The Vosker V200 is the best off-grid outdoor security camera for weather resistance. If you live in a remote area that experiences frequent storms, snow, or wind, the Voser V200 is the right security camera for you. It is built to be highly durable and can withstand all types of weather conditions. 

The only weather conditions that might be a problem for the camera is a tornado or hurricane. The Vosker V200 is solar-powered, compact, and energy efficient. This wireless security camera does not send photos to your phone like others, but it sends the to the app, where you can transmit the photos to your phone. 

The high-definition camera captures videos with much detail and the hybrid time-lapse movements can help better protect your property. 

defender phoenixm2 - best off grid security camera

Best Night Vision

Defender PhoenixM2


  • Equipped with low-range and automatic infrared night vision
  • Durable
  • Can view up to four cameras at one time


  • Monitor is small

The Defender PhoenixM2 is the off grid home security camera with the best night vision. It is equipped with low range and automatic infrared night vision, offering clear and sharp pictures at all points throughout the night. 

The camera is built to be durable and strong, and will not become defective during bad weather. The monitor screen is only 7 inches wide, so it is smaller than expected. 

However, you can view up to four cameras on this screen: full screen, quad view, or split screen. The Defender PhoenixM2 is easy to install and offers good protection for your off grid home.

choosing an off grid security camera

What to Look for When Purchasing an Off Grid Security Camera

You should look for these specifications when purchasing an off grid home security system for your property.

High Resolution Video

Your security camera must produce clear images. Your off grid security camera should at least deliver a 5MP resolution to provide optimal surveillance for you and your property.

Motion Sensor Activation

Motion sensor activation is an important feature, as it works fast and well. When your off grid camera detects motion, it will send you notifications when it detects movement. This is especially helpful if you are away from your home or if you are sleeping.

Night Vision

Most off grid security cameras include night vision capabilities, but you should still check to ensure it is included before purchasing a camera. Your camera should be able to record or capture photos in the dark to ensure you can see everything happening on your property throughout all hours of the day.


Your off grid security camera should be durable and able to withstand most weather conditions. It should be strong enough to stay put during a thunderstorm or torrential downpour. When living off grid in Michigan, a durable camera would be helpful since there are frequent snowstorms.

Wide Coverage

Your field of view is essential when purchasing an off grid surveillance camera. The field of view is how much courage the camera can capture. Ideally, you should look for a coverage range between 60 and 110 degrees to ensure you have a wide range.

Recording Continuously

Your off grid security camera should be able to record at all times, continuously. 24/7 monitoring of your property is best, so you have video surveillance during all hours. This feature is helpful, so you don’t need to worry about manually starting and stopping footage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some frequently asked questions regarding off grid security cameras. 

Can you set up off grid cameras without an internet connection or service coverage?

Yes, you can set up off grid security cameras without having an internet connection or cellular coverage. Some off grid cameras are strictly battery-powered and support recording to an SD card. 

You can then take the SD card out of the camera periodically to review your footage and delete it when you are ready to add more space back to the card.

How much data does an off grid security camera use?

It depends on the camera, as all cameras can use different amounts of data. Usually, uploading the recordings to the cloud is what uses the most data, and can consume up to 60GB of data every month. 

The amount of data can be more or less, though, depending on how often you upload videos.

Can security cameras run on solar? 

Security cameras can run on solar power and do not require running wires to connect them to a power source. There are many common things that run on solar anymore, including security cameras and even some composting toilets

The charge from the solar panel throughout the day is typically enough to keep your solar security cameras running consistently from day to night.

Do solar off grid security cameras work in winter?

Solar powered off grid security cameras work during all four seasons. In the winter, they might gather less energy from the sun because the days are shorter. However, it should still last throughout the day and night. Some cameras will switch over to an alternative energy method, like batteries if the solar energy runs out.

Final Thoughts 

Using a security camera for remote locations is becoming essential in today’s world. Whether you want to feel more secure, catch someone trespassing on your property, or are interested in the wildlife on your property, using an off grid security camera is helpful.