Does WD40 Freeze? WD40 Freezing Point

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Does WD40 freeze? WD40 does freeze like most other liquids. However, the temperature it freezes at might be different than you would expect. The consistency of the WD40 begins to solidify and has a “gummy” texture at temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It will thicken and freeze at -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As experts in survival prepping, we know that WD40 is important for many purposes. WD40 can be used to lubricate firearms, prevent rusting, protect tools, and put a stop to loud and squeaky sounds. It is essential for hinges on doors to be silent, so your location is never apparent. 

In addition, WD40 can help repel bugs, especially mosquitoes, over standing water, making it difficult for spiders to build webs. It can also be used as a water displacement tool, which can help winterize your shoes. Does WD40 freeze? WD40 is essential for survival, so it is necessary to know that it could freeze when exposed to extreme cold.

Does WD-40 Freeze? What Temperature Does WD40 Freeze?

Yes, WD40 does freeze. Its freezing point is -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent freezing, you should store it between this temperature and no warmer than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. WD40 comprises different kinds of hydrocarbons with all different freezing points. 

However, the freezing point at which the whole substance will freeze is extremely cold. While It is unlikely that you will have to endure freezing conditions of -81.4 degrees, it is helpful to know the facts about WD40 and what it can withstand in a survival situation if SHTF

Can You Store WD-40 in the Refrigerator?

Since it can be stored without freezing or overheating between -81.4 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you can certainly store your WD40 in the refrigerator. However, it is not good to keep the WD40 in the refrigerator if it is close to other foods. 

Your food, especially if it isn’t tightly covered, can pick up the scent of the WD40, and your food might have an off-taste. The entire refrigerator might smell like WD40, and it could last a long time since the scent is strong.

does wd40 freeze

Will WD-40 Unfreeze a Lock?

WD40 can help with unfreezing or unjamming a lock. Since it contains alcohol-based components, WD40 can be used to defrost items that are frozen. To defrost your lock, you will need to have a clear view of the lock mechanism. 

Use a small amount of the WD40 spray to coat the metal components of the lock. When you spray the WD40 on the frozen lock, it deters moisture from gathering and will begin to thaw the ice. Try to be as minimal as possible when applying the WD40, as it can ruin the paint on your lock and cause the lock to lose its lubrication. 

Does WD40 Melt Ice?

Even though WD40 can be used to unfreeze a lock, it does not melt ice. If you need to melt ice, the best way to get the ice to melt is to use salt. Salt lowers the freezing point of ice, causing it to melt at a lower temperature. 

There are other efficient ways to melt ice other than salt. You can use sugar, baking soda, vinegar, or hand sanitizer. However, the most effective way to melt ice is to use salt.

5 Surprising Facts About WD40  

There are many surprising facts regarding WD40 that you should be aware of when wondering, “Will WD-40 freeze?”.

1. WD40 is Non-Corrosive

WD40 does not contain any corrosive agents. Since it is non-corrosive, WD40 is excellent at preventing rust because it displaces water. WD40 will never cause rust but instead forms a protective barrier to oxygen in the air, preventing rust from forming. 

2. WD40 Repels and Kills Bugs

WD40 can repel and kill many bugs, such as spiders, wasps, and cockroaches. However, it is not known why it is successful in killing bugs. One theory states that since WD40 displaces water, it penetrates the bug’s internal organs and causes it to drown. 

Another theory is that the high concentrations of chemicals found in WD40 kill the bugs. If the chemicals are toxic enough to cause humans headaches, nausea, and dizziness, they can be toxic enough to kill a bug. It is important to remember that these chemicals will not harm us if we simply use the WD40, but they will harm us if we ingest it.

3. WD40 Does Not Cure Arthritis

Some people like to say that WD40 cures arthritis when you spray it on your stiff joints. However, this rumor is not true. Even WD40’s website states that their product is not recommended to use for medical purposes and is not adequate for pain relief or arthritis. 

WD40 is helpful for many purposes, like fixing squeaky hinges, rusted tools or bolts, and even unfreezing locks. It is not beneficial for medical purposes and is unsafe to ingest or continuously spray on your body.

4. WD40 Keeps Survival Food Safe

When storing your food in a cooler or container, spray some WD40 along the bottom of the cooler or container on the outside. When you spray WD40 on your container, insects will have a difficult time crawling up into the container and bothering your food because it will be slippery. 

In addition to insects, any other small animals or rodents will not be able to crawl up into your container containing food from your survival garden. The scent of the WD40 will also help keep any insects, animals, or rodents away from your food supply. 

5. WD40 Can Be Used to Waterproof Shoes

When walking or hiking during wet conditions, WD40 can help waterproof both shoes and boots. Since it is a water dispersant, it will help keep your boots dry. 

When going out in wet weather conditions, carry WD40 with you in your backpack and apply it regularly to the bottom of your shoes. Spraying WD40 on the soles of your shoes will prevent you from slipping and sliding in the mud and will overall make your trek easier. 

Final Thoughts 

Does WD40 freeze? Yes, the product does freeze when exposed to extreme cold. WD40 has many purposes, like unfreezing locks, making door hinges quiet, waterproofing your shoes, and repelling bugs. 

It is an essential item to have when you are prepping for survival or living off the grid. WD40 can help with a number of factors and is a helpful item to always keep on hand for survival.