TEOTWAWKI: Learn The Terminology


In the prepper’s circle, the term TEOTWAWKI stands for “the end of the world as we know it”. That means a complete breakdown of existing institutions due to a catastrophic event.

While the term isn’t user-friendly as such, it struck the right note in people with the survivalist mindset. And the truth is, 2020 brought about a global pandemic and numerous natural disasters that stirred the ever-dormant ideas of doomsday in human minds.

While chances of a meteor strike or an alien attack are slim, there are far more pressing concerns that can bring about a TEOTWAWKI for human civilization.

Granted, it isn’t simple to dislodge the planetary mechanism that has evolved for billions of years. But the drastic alterations in global climate due to human activities have brought our civilization to the edge of a precipice. We can never be sure of what the coming decades will unfold.

As humans, we don’t like uncertainty. As preppers, we think about how to plan for years in advance. Even so, we can be outsmarted by nature. Just as we were during the pandemic.

Here is a fact for you. 

Not everyone will survive the end of the world if it comes. Period.

As a prepper, you can improve your chances by staying prepared for emergencies from all aspects. Still, there’s no guarantee that you’ll survive. 

Even if you do, a TEOTWAWKI will surely turn our known world upside down. It will permanently change how 21st-century humans have lived on this planet.

So is the doomsday clock clicking?

We can’t say for sure. But if it comes, those who stay alert and adapt quickly to the drastic changes will have a better chance of staying alive in a new world.