Russia, China, or North Korea could decimate critical U.S. infrastructure and supply chains with an EMP attack


An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack on America could cripple critical infrastructure, communications, electronics, and supply chains that Americans depend on to survive. Such an attack would decimate the homeland to a point to which nobody has seen. 

Sadly, many lives would be lost if one of our nation’s enemies were to strike at a time in which our country has never been more vulnerable. Everything is so reliant on crucial infrastructures such as the Global Positioning Systems and atomic time. Everything from gas pumps to soda machines, banking systems, and crypto markets–it all relies on systems not hardened from electronic attacks.

Learning from the past

The chaos that ensued in Texas back in February of 2021 when severe ice storms caused statewide power and water outages would pale compared to an EMP attack on the United States. An EMP attack would shut down nearly everything. Vehicles would sit where they lay in roadways, parking lots, and major interstates because such an attack would fry electronics. Computer systems would fail. 

Another prime example of America’s vulnerability is the Colonial Pipeline cyber hack ransomware attack that left a large swath of the U.S. West Coast crippled after a gas crisis rapidly followed. According to the official narrative, Russian hackers from an elite GRU spy team penetrated the pipeline’s Windows-based control system. Perpetrators could access the entire system, leading to their demand for a large payment in untraceable cryptocurrency. Days later, the pipeline’s owners paid the $5 million ransom and restored services with a unique key provided by the hackers. But the question remains: what if the hackers never restored services? Then what? 

Imagine if anything and everything electronic stopped functioning in one or more major U.S. cities. The results would be overwhelming, especially if an EMP blows out electronics on a mass scale. An EMP attack is not a doomsday theory. It’s a doomsday fact. It’s one of the worst scenarios that our enemies could inflict on us aside from a direct thermonuclear assault, of course. In a nutshell, an EMP attack is a quick electrical surge capable of damaging anything electronic and can even cause effects to the human nervous system and brain. 

What would happen if we were attacked by an EMP?

During an EMP attack, wires can become superheated and fused as if a welder welded them. Microchips can short circuit, and energy can flow downstream the wrong way, making matters worse. Nuclear power plants will fail and overheat. The results would be catastrophic. 

There would be no running water or sewer in cities, which would cause medical systems and hospitals to fail. People would eventually die. Bodies would pile up on the streets, yielding a total biohazard, and there is nothing we could do. Such an attack would bring Americans to their knees, which is why top military experts are mulling over new plans and technology to thwart the growing threat from China, Russia, and North Korea adversaries who wish to challenge U.S. defenses. However, it’s not only our adversaries that we must worry about–it’s also the sun. 

Can solar flares cause EMP-like effects?

The Earth is currently in what scientists call a grand solar minimum, which has to do with the 11-year solar cycle and longer known solar processes. A solar minimum can lead to increased flare activity that can impair electronics on Earth, much like an EMP. Not to mention, some scientists believe the current grand solar minimum can last until 2050. 

Sunspots are rapidly disappearing on the sun’s surface, which some say can lead to a mini ice age. According to a piece published by Forbes, a sunspot is “an area of intense magnetic activity on the surface of the Sun…”

“… a storm—that appears as an area of darkness. Sunspots are indicative of solar activity, birthing solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs),” reports Forbes. “Although sunspots seem like tiny specks, they can be colossal in size.”

The solar cycle affects space weather, which in turn affects all the planets in our solar system. Scientists agree that the atmospheres on planets in our solar system are changing and heating up, likely from the effects of the sun and the current solar minimum. The bottom line is that earthlings may soon be in for a wild ride. So you might want to buckle up. 

The fragility of supply chains

As previously reported here at Persurvive, the supply chain issue is an emerging threat that people should not take with a grain of salt. Preparation is critical, especially in volatile times like these. Consumers currently have difficulty finding lumber, gas, steel, ketchup packets, chlorine, and more. You name it, and it’s hard to come by. Now imagine when things get worse. The supply chain is fragile and with that could come chaos. 

Food for thought 

Enemy developments of non-nuclear EMP weapons remain a significant threat to the U.S. and could be used to undermine democracy that is why it’s key is to prepare before disaster strikes. The U.S. military is currently working on EMP and counter-EMP weapons, which is why we know the threat from adversaries is so great. If the military is preparing for EMP wars, shouldn’t we be prepared ourselves? Just some food for thought.



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